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Enterprise (Big) Data and Data Analytics: the breakfast briefing organised by Numen & Fundsquare

Fundsquare & Numen organise an event around the challenges and opportunities brought by the Big Data for the Investment Fund industry.

Come and discuss with experts. Learn about the power of our solutions.

Date: Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Schedule: 08: 30-10: 30 AM
Location: Fundsquare - 35A Boulevard Joseph II - L-1840 Luxembourg (map)

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Data Analytics comes after Data Extraction

Data Analytics (also often called Big Data analytics) means the transformation of data with, as the main goal, the discovery of relevant information to help and support decision making.

With Data Analytics, you can bring added-value within your Organisation in 4 main ways:

Prescriptive – it reveals what actions should be taken.
Predictive – An analysis of likely scenarios of what might happen.
Diagnostic – It shows the past to determine what happened and why.
Descriptive – What is happening now based on incoming data based on real-time dashboard reports.
In a recent study, Allied Market Research(*) said that “the top 3 use cases for Big Data analytics are Customer Analytics [Predictive, Prescriptive] (48%), Operational Analytics (21%) [Prescriptive, Diagnostic, Descriptive], and Fraud & Compliance [Diagnostic, Prescriptive] (21%)”.

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Fundsquare & Numen organise an event around the challenges and opportunities brought by the Big Data for the Investment Fund industry.
Come and discuss with experts. Learn about the power of our solutions.

Date: Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Schedule: 08: 30-10: 30 AM
Location: Fundsquare - 35A Boulevard Joseph II - L-1840 Luxembourg (map)
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"Big data": a buzz word or something that makes sense for my company?

From Data to Big Data
Do you have any idea about the volume of data that we deal with – in a way or another – every day?

Altogether, we produce more information every minute than all the data which has been produced from the beginning of time until 2000… every minute!

Indeed every 60 seconds, we produce more than 100.000 tweets, we update more than 700.000 status on Facebook, we share more than 11.000.000 instant messages, we introduce more than 700.000 searches on Google, we send more than 170.000.000 emails, we upload more than 300 hours of video on YouTube, etc., etc.

And those figures have been collected some months ago, so it should be more today.

It seems incredible but that’s our present world, dealing with more and more information every day. And if we consider the development of IoT (Internet of Things), the quantity of data that will be produced by machines will exponentially increase the quantity yet produced.

In such a world, we can definitively talk about big data. In the last 15 years, IT has transformed a world of data to a world of big (enormous, gigantic…) data.

It seems far from my reality. Indeed, in my day to day life, I receive, read, analyse, keep for later and even delete lots of electronic documents (emails, presentations, word documents, spreadsheets, news …) and physical documents (letters, invoices, contracts, orders, magazines, newspapers …), all about various topics: commercial, finance, HR … which is nothing compare to this ocean of big data.

My 100 emails, 5 spreadsheets, 3 presentations, 15 Word documents, 8 letters... that I receive in every average working day are no big data! No relevance! Really?

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Numen Europe digitises early printed books at the Wellcome Library, London

Numen Europe, expert in sensitive data and document processing, has finalised the digitisation and indexing of 9,500 books printed up to 1700 (of which 350 precious incunabula). This project at the Wellcome Library is part of ProQuest’s European-wide project Early European Books making available early printed books from one or more major European libraries.

4 million pages digitised in 5 years

This project commenced at the Wellcome Library in 2011 and was carried out in partnership with ProQuest, provider of Early European Books in digital online form, as well as many other databases. Numen had been awarded digitisation contract by ProQuest because of their extensive expertise in handling ancient and precious books.

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David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the PSDC new law

David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the new law on electronic archiving and status PSDC. A testimony from the 10x6 evening dedicated to FinTech organised on October 21 by the Paperjam Club.


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Numen Europe is digitising Land Registry records at the Belgian Federal Public Finances Department (FPS Finance)

Eight million pages scanned and indexed: this is the great feat achieved by Numen Europe on behalf of the General Administration of Heritage Documentation at the FPS. Thanks to this successful project, the Land Registry’s oldest records will soon be available in a digital format.

Up until 2001, the 48 Land Registry offices in Belgium conserved all their paper registers. These registers contain information relating to mortgage certificates that the Land Registry issues mainly to notaries, bailiffs and bankers. The Land Registry publishes transfers of real estate and constituted mortgages, and is required to store and make this information available for a minimum of thirty years.

Each Land Registry office consults its paper records at least two till three hundred times a day. In order to easily access information dating before 2001, the General Administration of Heritage Documentation at the FPS Finance therefore decided to digitise its oldest records. Following a public call for tenders, the contract was awarded by FPS Finance to Numen Europe, expert in the processing of data and sensitive documents. The company set up four mobile scanning units and managed to limit the project duration to 18 months.

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Numen enters the Top 250 French software publishers Syntec / EY

After acquiring CIMAIL (3rd GED editor and french's safe electronic) in 2014, Numen entered the Top 250 French software and ranked 83th French horizontal publisher software.

The choice of multichannel solutions rewarded.

With the entry to the top 250 software companies, the choice of Numen to provide a complete solution for improving business processes by combining software, services and documentation of business processes outsourcing (BPO) was found

Indeed, the four priority market trends (SaaS, mobility, security and big data) observed by EY are at the heart of NUMEN solutions.


TCOL Marc Le Vernoy (Comex)


Marc Le Vernoy

TCOL Marc Le Vernoy (Comex)The world is changing, and so are our organisations!

Digitisation allows our customers to rethink their professions while placing customer knowledge, compliance and productivity issues at the heart of their information systems and processes. Banks, service companies, cultural and public institutions… Numen helps you to transform your organisation.

Our achievements lie in the Group’s 3 decisive advantages:

  1. A unique 3-in-1 combination of solutions publisher, integrator and document service provider which offers fast service and reduced deployment cost for the solutions proposed.
  2. A local (9 regional bases) and European presence; a R&D and BPO centre in Madagascar
  3. A high degree of agility and strong customer focus, the result of more than forty years in the world of sensitive outsourcing.

25 years Experience in IT services, document services and software sales, passionate about innovation, transformation of organisations and large outsourcing projects. Total commitment to the success of the NUMEN BPO 2018 strategic plan.


Anne Pease
Managing Director

"Outsourcing is a value-added service for companies"

Cloud, SaaS, Digital… The availability of “new” technologies and the acceleration of their deployment make each organisation (re)think its processes, its core business, the value creation… a true revolution for the company, its employees and its customers, who need to review their economic model and reinforce their agility.

Numen supports companies in this transformation, thanks to robust document industrial processes, and a strong customer service shared by all its employees.

25 years in various organisations, from start-up companies to large international groups, from services to industry, and creativity in solutions à la carte and organisation optimisation.


Cécil Carrier
Financial Director

"Numen had to be the first customer to use its own services!"

“I always thought Numen had to be the first customer to use its own services. The implementation of a Finance SSC (Shared Service Centre) allowed the dematerialisation of our Purchase chain, considerable productivity gains and an immense team dynamic on an innovative project. We successfully tested digital transformation!”

The financial communication liability and relevance were the focus of my work, especially based on technological change that revolutionised these last 30 years.

To me, Numen embodies this progress which enables good and fast measurement of past, present and future performance .

From office audit to large Group, from Management Control to the Finance Department, I used technology and my skills to construct relevant and reliable management.

Our norms

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

Our norms

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

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our norms

Status PSF- Support 29-1 : The certification PSF (Professional of the Financial Sector), granted by the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg, allows Numen Europe to handle, prepare, scan, index, produce, store and distribute confidential documents for financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, the financial Services Industry)