In summary

Business Information System in SaaS mode, document process optimisation, new Solvency II regulatory framework, a period of concentration for the sector…  all good reasons to examine the opportunities offered by forms of outsourcing…


Jérôme Mendiela

Alliances and Partnerships Manager

We all have experienced an opportunity when we wanted to conclude a contract online and electronically sign an insurance policy or a vendor agreement... and we did not have an electronic signature...;

Numen's online signature solution brings these frustrations to an end and speeds up the sales of Numen's vendor clients.


Harmonies Mutuelles

Prevadies entrusts Numen with the provision of  services related to the personalisation and dispatch of letters.

The services are as follows: the implementation of electronic data processing, the supply of raw materials, the publishing of documents and finally the monitoring of production. The methods implemented on the different production sites in Chambray, Niort and Meyzieu offer a surveillance system of very high quality.