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For each need, a Numen solution to manage effectively your electronic content.
Consolidation, sharing, data integrity, document life cycle, legal value…

Digital Safe mobile application

Digital Safe mobile application

Easyfolder Document Manager

Electronic Document Management Solution (EDM)

Easyfolder Documents Manager allows the transfer, indexation, filing and sharing of digital documents, while carefully administering the users’ rights and authorisations.

A natively compatible solution integrated in the Microsoft Office application suite.

Thanks to its Easytoolbar, Easyfolder Hub, Easyfolder Extranet and Easyfolder Encrypter complements, the solution is easily integrated in your user environment.

Easyfolder Record Manager

Electronic document and record management system (EDRMS) for the company

Real company’s digital safe, Easyfolder Records Manager is used to organise the filing of a company’s electronic documents and information to keep them over time and ensure the probative value.

Natively compatible and integrated in the Microsoft Office application suite, Easyfolder Records Manager is the digital safe to be used to secure documents.

Thanks to its Easyfolder Toolbar, Easyfolder Hub, Easyfolder Extranet and Easyfolder Encrypter complements, the solution is easily integrated in the user environment.

Easyfolder Safe Manager

A digital safe for all your counterparties

Easyfolder Safe Manager is a digital safes room. Safes available to counterparties of all kinds (employees, suppliers, partner customers…) allow them to keep sensitive documents in private spaces, to preserve their legal value and to ensure the documents or personal data confidentiality.

The counterparty private digital safe allows to dematerialise the sending of sensitive documents such as transaction records, invoices, pay slips, cover notes… while saving the stamping, and ensuring traceability.


Easyfolder for :

  • Exchange
    Identification and archiving ofcompany emails
  • Sharepoint
    Archiving of sensitive documents
  • Lync
    Archiving of des sensitive exchanges
  • Sap, Sage, etc
    Specific connectors



  • EasyfolderToolbar
    Drag and drop feature and quick access to documents in Easyfolder
  • EasyfolderHub
    Quick injection,enrichment and distribution of received documents
  • EasyfolderExtranet
    Secure access


  • NumenExpress
    Industrial treatment for your mails
  • NumenExchanges
    Secured electronic exchanges