In summary

Centralize your multichannel inflows, standardize your processes, automate the processing and / or distribution of the documents you received thanks to digital solutions.


David Gray

Managing Director Numen Europe

Numen Europe's mastery of OCR technologies combined with Numen's industrial expertise, has enabled the group's digitisation workshops to make progress.

Every day, we receive, digitise and process contracts, orders, invoices and other management documents for our clients.



TF1 Téléshopping


TF1 Téléshopping, wishing to use an outsourcing service for the processing of its paper orders, entrusts Numen with the following services following the dispatch by the TFI-Teleshopping customer of their order. 

In a distribution context, the service includes the setting up of a technological process for the recognition of order forms, the development and technological optimisation of incoming mail and finally the creation of a complete process for order management and payment. With a production volume of 180,000 order forms and more than 140,000 cheques per year, Numen achieves exceptional processing times.

Documents and processes

Documents and processes


  • Homogenization of the processing of incoming flows, dematerialization at source
  • Reduced costs for documents circulation, physical storage and copies
  • Reduced processing time
  • Accessibility and data security
  • Refocusing employees towards high value-added tasks

Numen Services

  • Receiving, sorting and preparation of paper flow
  • Scanning
  • Inclusion of electronic flows
  • Information extraction, typing letters
  • Provision of data in an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), or directly within your business applications, in individual/department's bunks
  • Probative value archiving of engaging documents
  • Reports, BI

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