Numen awarded at the European Investment Fund

Numen, via its branch Numen Europe, has been awarded by the European Investment Fund for the provision of data processing tasks related to the equity activity of the EIF, through a 4-year service contract (with a possible extension up to maximum 3 years).

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Numen awarded at the European Parliament

Numen, via its branch Numen Digital, has been awarded by the European Parliament for the provision of Archival processing and related services.

These awarded contracts represent an estimated value of EUR 9 825 000 over a maximal period of 4 years.

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The Wellcome Library makes 150 years of Royal Army Medical Corps’ archives accessible

Numen Europe, an expert in document and data processing, and Bespoke Archive Digitisation, specialised in the Digitisation of cultural Heritage media, are digitising the archives of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), a specialist corps in the British Army which provides medical services to all Army personnel and their families, in war and in peace.

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Workshop : Cycle Information management & Entreprise 2.0

Information Governance in a paperless world

TUESDAY 09 MAY from 2 pm to 5:15 pm

A conference hosted by David Gray, Managing Director of Numen Europe, giving the keys for a successful digital transformation.

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Digitalisation and Legislation, what you should know in 2017

Electronic signatures, faithful digital copies, fiscal dematerialization, mixed archiving, Open Data, NF Z42-013, NF Z42-026 ...

The Numen newsletter gives you all the necessary explanations and the key factors for a successful digitization.


Data Analytics comes after Data Extraction


Data Analytics (also often called Big Data analytics) means the transformation of data with, as the main goal, the discovery of relevant information to help and support decision making.



"Big data": a buzz word or something that makes sense for my company?


From Data to Big Data
Do you have any idea about the volume of data that we deal with – in a way or another – every day?



Numen Europe digitises early printed books at the Wellcome Library, London

Numen Europe, expert in sensitive data and document processing, has finalised the digitisation and indexing of 9,500 books printed up to 1700 (of which 350 precious incunabula). This project at the Wellcome Library is part of ProQuest’s European-wide project Early European Books making available early printed books from one or more major European libraries.


David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the PSDC new law

David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the new law on electronic archiving and status PSDC. A testimony from the 10x6 evening dedicated to FinTech organised on October 21 by the Paperjam Club.


Numen Europe is digitising Land Registry records at the Belgian Federal Public Finances Department (FPS Finance)

Eight million pages scanned and indexed: this is the great feat achieved by Numen Europe on behalf of the General Administration of Heritage Documentation at the FPS. Thanks to this successful project, the Land Registry’s oldest records will soon be available in a digital format.