In summary

Digitalisation allows to preserve your heritage in a sustainable manner. By avoiding books handling, it favours a wide diffusion and offers new methods of reading. It is also an opportunity to reuse collections and create a new offer of content.


Philippe Schweitzer

Account & Project Manager

Digitisation of our assets is a job for experts.

Every year we select the best scanners on the market, our operators undergo very strict training for handling the works and our documentalists create suitable metadata to facilitate access.



Numen books

Our offer

Numen provides you with a simple dematerialisaton offer complying with the market standards to easily make use of files:

  • Whatever the type of bound books, up to A3 format, flatbed or small-angle digitisation, from medieval manuscripts to contemporary books
  • With respect for the physical integrity of original documents. Our scanner operators know how to handle fragile books and guide them towards one of the digitalisation procedures according to their state. Books are transported and stored in our workshops under insurance and according to secure procedures, so that they are perfectly preserved.

For each book, you have a lot of standard deliverables: image (JPG 2 000), metadata (METS and/or Refnum), and guaranteed OCR text (PDF with hidden text).

Our benefits


  • You entrust a trusted service provider with your collections transportation, storage and handling
  • You ensure the data sustainability given the physical media degradation


  • You have a single service provider processing the whole document collections: dematerialisation whatever the format, metadata creation, recovery of text contained in images


  • You are part of the diffusion of culture and strengthen your image
  • You give a new life to your content that was untapped until then

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