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Numen provides a modular platform allowing to treat all input original formats, paper or digital (doc, pdf, xml, html, scan, indd…) sources to convert them into electronic books.


Philippe Schweitzer

Account & Project Manager

Numen Digital is the former prepress and document engineering subsidiary of the Berger Levrault Group created in 1676.

So we have a long experience in the creation, formatting and updating of editorial content!

Numen eBook

Numen eBook

BNF Partnership

Numen Digital, widely known on the market for its cultural heritage digitisation activities, is also a major player in the production of electronic books. In collaboration with the Ligaran company, Numen Digital produces electronic books for Hachette Livre Group for nearly two years: Le Livre de poche, Stock, Editions Grasset, Fayard, Hatier, Rageot… but also for other groups such as Editis, Milan, ENS Lyon.

Numen Digital also became the supplier of electronic formats for BNF-Partenariats and Ligaran, as part of the Ilivri project.

The goal of this project is to create the largest digital library of French literature in free access, by diffusing in digital format, a corpus as complete as possible of books from the 16th century to the middle of the 20th century (books not protected by copyright), whose sources are preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

As part of this project, Numen provides a modular platform allowing to treat all input original formats, paper or digital sources (doc, pdf, xml, html, scan, indd…) to convert them into electronic books.

The service involves collecting documents in different paper or electronic formats, extracting the content and correcting it to get a text of editorial quality (a true copy of the original and/or correction of misprints), structuring the document in XML and converting the XML document in epub.

The quality of the reproduced text is a determining customer benefit. Once paper books are digitalised, the texts produced by the market OCR have a lot of mistakes that are difficult to accept by readers of general literature.

To ensure the editorial quality of the produced ePub, our R&D department has worked hard on improving the performance of character recognition processes by using the language processing, and more specifically statistical and hybrid linguistic methods. Operators then overcome problems robots, which are certainly efficient, could not solve.

Numen thus uses all its creativity to enhance content from editorial or cultural products.

Our benefits


  • the quality control and production (through the use of advanced technology)


  • your books publication by producing content in high editorial quality


  • your “time to market” by simultaneously producing digital and paper books

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