David Gray

Deputy General Manager

The technologies causing the dematerialisation of our business processes are present but the road is sometimes long and complicated to achieve this transformation! Through its business advice and its outsourced services, Numen Europe helps customers move into the digital world by bringing gains in productivity and quality as well as reductions in operating expenses.

To succeed with such commitments, Numen Europe is based on:

  1. Over 20 years of expertise in these sectors
  2. Very experienced personnel able to implement solutions and services covering the entire document flows: incoming, circulating and outgoing
  3. Solid references in all sectors
  4. Loyal and very satisfied customers
  5. Flexibility and dynamism framed by norms and standards (ISO, FSP)
  6. An R&D team able to make the difference on complex topics
  7. A strong international group active for more than 47 years in these areas

"The digital world transforms, Numen Europe helps its clients to succeed in this evolution."


Danièle Vujic

Finance and Administration Manager

I arrived over a year  ago at Numen Europe  after a work experience related to the world of finance and abroad. I discovered an innovative industry where teamwork and initiative are two key drivers.

One of my main function as an Administrative and Financial Manager is to translate life business changing numbers by producing monthly reports.
It is by communicating regularly by monitoring our contracts with the Director of Operations and Project Managers that I can accurately translate Numen Europe's story.

I also participate in the establishment and improvement of internal procedures for Numen Europe and Numen Group ensuring a qualitative monitoring of financial and accounting information through the management and analysis tools based on relevant cost accounting.

My role is also to ensure tax monitoring of Luxembourg and Belgium in order to comply with specific laws for each state.

These responsibilities require independence, rigor and proactivity to carry out the various tasks entrusted to me.

"I discovered an innovative industry where teamwork and initiative are two key drivers"


Hanna Lteif

IT and Infrastructure Manager

After year of computer studies, I joined a software company where I held a position in the development team. I had the chance to work in a firm where technological diversity, project type have enriched my professional experience that allowed me to build a varied profile in technology without forgetting the human side that  was coined by the multicultural contact on which my management style was based.

My experience within the group goes back to 1995 when the company was still called Infotechnique. It was a mission for the duration of a project,  has lasted ever since.

As IT Manager for  Numen Digital and Numen Europe, my role accompagnied by my team is to provide several aspects service: technical support, proposed architecture, consulting our internal customers that each represent our customers to whom we must ensure service quality and continuity.
I consider that our IT Systems are part of a natural components in the production of our customers.

The role of the CIO adapts to customer requirements, market demands,  technologies. Thus our role is not only to propose satisfying architecture but to meet these requirements through creativity and optimisation representing important elements to differentiate offer ratings.

Any organization that provide difficulties becomes a challenge that must be overcome, this is part of the change management that everyone should adopt to advance.

"Any organization that provide difficulties becomes a challenge that must be overcome"


Serge Micaelian

Operations Manager

By its standard services but also customized to client needs, our employees help our clients to focus on their core business, enabling them to be more efficient and better achieve their own goals.

Thanks to their experience and mastery of advanced technology, Numen's operations teams perform on a daily basis, services from simple scanning contemporary documents, incoming mail, valuable heritage documents, through the extraction of text documents, their intelligent structuring in XML, food knowledge bases, but also the composition and printing of documents and projects up to the outsourcing of all or of a service party on behalf of our clients.

These services are conducted mostly local Numen but also in the premises of our customers. They cover areas as diverse activities as banking, insurance, European scientific research, libraries and museums, electronic archiving and production of the Official Journal in the 24 languages ​​of the European Union.

All these projects have in common, quality service for satisfied customers.

"For its services, Numen allows its customers to focus and perform better on core business."


Sonia Hellich

Human Ressources Manager

HR Manager for over 10 years, I have seen the activity evolve. Individuals of The HR department are often seen as managers, today HR is set around the Human behavior. Although, it is sometimes complicated because in a small structure we must cope with administrative requirements, I try to keep in mind the need to involve and retain motivated employees because they are the ones that make the success of a business.

I feel that a successful HR department must meet several qualities: empathy, open-mindedness and openness to others, listening, a certain intellectual curiosity and constant questioning. In this changing world, the mental and organizational flexibility is primary.

This is the philosophy of Numen Europe, and that is probably the reason why we never get bored.

"Human behavior is at the heart of our business"


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