In summary

Leader of heritage digitisation in Europe, Numen provides standard offers of digitisation perfectly complying with the market technical and quality requirements. 


Philippe Schweitzer

Account & Project Manager

Every organisation is confronted with the explosion of internal and external content, unstructured and in multiple formats and media. The mastery and optimisation of this content, a real documentary heritage to be organised as a knowledge base, is one of the cornerstones for the development of these businesses.

Numen intervenes in project and advice mode to organise this documentary heritage in electronic form in association with customers' business processes. The spectrum of expertise is wide: paperless systems, deployment of digitisation sites, image processing, automatic document recognition/reading, semantic indexing and text-mining...
From early printed documents to invoices, from photography to newspapers, from an A0 plan to technical documents, no document can resist Numen".

Numen photographs

Our offer

The objective is to sustainably preserve your photographical heritage by responding to the double challenge:

  • Allowing the preservation, in digital format, of information carried by silver materials that degrade over time (materials deterioration, fading, drifts)
  • Enhancing image collections by diffusing them through digital image libraries, as part of communication operations, intern reuse or sales operations

We provide a standard digitisation offer of photographic materials allowing to treat every type of silver materials: glass plates, negative and positive film bases, prints, contact sheets.

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