In summary

Leader of heritage digitisation in Europe, Numen provides standard offers of digitalisation perfectly complying with the press collection technical and quality requirements. 


Cédric Sylvestre

Deputy Managing Director Numen Digital

The fragile journals were originally printed to last and be used for a short time. They deteriorated all the more as they were heavily used by researchers and the general public.

Their digitisation is therefore a condition which is essential for their permanent preservation.

High quality conversion of the text and online publishing are also ways of economically making the most of a collection, allowing targeted research into genealogical, scientific and economic information.

Numen Press

Numen Press

Our offer

Numen provides a simple and complete offer allowing to:

  • Treat each type of newspaper, whatever the format or binding mode: in sheets, bound, flatbed, small-angle digitisation, from A5 to A0
  • Perfectly control the image capture on very large scanners and the appropriate production of metadata
  • Optimise the quality of the OCR text, by ensuring a quality level
  • Deliver files ready for use complying with the market required standards: JPG 2 000 image file, METS and/or Refnum metadata, PDF file with hidden text

Our benefits


  • The information sustainability given the collections degradation
  • Transportation, storage
  • The handling of your collections entrusted to a trusted service provider


  • Your digitalisation process with a single service provider for every type of newspaper
  • Your deliverables utilisation through an offer complying the market standards
  • The best price-quality ratio


  • Access to your newspaper for the benefit of research and culture
  • The economic enhancement through your collection diffusion