In summary

The documents you store represent your technical heritage, your commitments, items of evidence and compliance, rights to be protected and sums to be recovered. Make this documentary capital a key to competitiveness.


Philippe Schweitzer

Account & Project Manager

Every organisation is confronted with the explosion of internal and external content, unstructured and in multiple formats and media. The mastery and optimisation of this content, a real documentary heritage to be organised as a knowledge base, is one of the cornerstones for the development of these businesses.

Numen intervenes in project and advice mode to organise this documentary heritage in electronic form in association with customers' business processes. The spectrum of expertise is wide: paperless systems, deployment of digitisation sites, image processing, automatic document recognition/reading, semantic indexing and text-mining...
From early printed documents to invoices, from photography to newspapers, from an A0 plan to technical documents, no document can resist Numen".


David Gray

Deputy Manager Numen Europe

20 years ago, the concept of the "paperless office" saw the light of day…

Today, we are faced with a constantly growing mass of information and documents, in hybrid format (electronic, paper) which we have to manage ever more quickly.

Numen assists its clients in optimising existing situations and guides them towards the introduction of paperless systems for business processes while generating more productivity and efficiency.

Active for more than 20 years in the field of document and information management in the broadest sense, seeking high added value efficiency of services for its clients.